A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

This is a really addictive multiplayer strategy game.

To play this game you have to read the instruction of the game carefully -

  • The Game is based on transfer of Coins/Bids from one box to another.
  • You win the game when your opponent is left with no coins left in his box.
  • Initially you and you opponent has 7 box containing 5 coins containing in each.
  • In every step, you take all the coins from one of your box and transfer it to the following boxes.
  • Suppose, you have five coins, you will transfer all the five coins in the following five box.
  • Now suppose the sixth box is not an non empty box, then the coins of sixth boxes are again transferred to the following boxes.
  • But if the sixth box would be empty, then the coins of the seventh box and the box opposite to it would be transferred to your account.
  • There is one more rule, if at anytime you have 4 coins in any of your box those coins would be directly transfered to your account.

Install instructions

If Using windows or linux, download the zip file and exrtract it in any directory. And you are good to go. Click the executable file to play.

For Mbile Users, just download the .apk file and start playing in your mobile.

If you want locally with your friends, switch on your wifi hotspot and tell all your friend to connect to your hotspot.

Then you can host a game and your friend can join your game.

Wish you enjoy playing this game.


Lets Bid 29 MB
Lets Bid- Windows 17 MB
Lets bid- Linux 34 MB